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Where I put my music, art, and other projects.

Lyra, She/They, mid/late 20s. I like jazzy punky and queer things, old computers and even older synthesizers. If i stop making art my brain becomes increasingly upset with me, so now you all have to suffer.


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Chode Lyoko

Code Lyoko Abridged. Made with roommates during covid.

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Do you remember like I do?

        The color of the couch
        Its fabric and give
        As we'd sit and lie and laugh
        The way we'd sit and lie and laugh
        The days we sifted through our words
        And sorted them by shape
        Until I couldn't see anything else
        The way I can't see anything else
        The night you hid from empty space
        As I tried to bring you back
        When I first cried for you
        The way I cry for you
        The call you took in the living room
        With your sister, you confessed
        and now I know too much
        The way I know too much


        I don't get to decide where
        the trees will grow
        just which one
        I'm sitting under


        From the shapeless days
        smudging together
        the weeks
        for months
        you could kiss me
        like I was a real person

Muscle Memory

        I'd like to be happy for you
        I really would
        I'm just still used to being happy
        for us.

The Same Questions

        Is it time?
        Is it me?
        that erodes what I worked to know
        When will I be needed
        in a way that doesn't fade
        once I'm had?
        How many more times
        will my hand grip the air
        you used to keep warm?


Under construction!

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Click for full size 8 panel format

How the Church Taught Me to Lie to Myself, May 2024.

Pixel Art

A little design of one of my poems. (Not really pixel art, but I did some of the anti-aliasing by hand so it still counts)
My ex's cat in his lil bed
A silly doodle about the fog coming from man-hole covers and sewer grates


My cat, Wobble!
Whoever she is, she's pretty hot... (jk its me)
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Other Projects

Under construction!

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Programs I Like

Graphics: GIMP, Blender, GrafX2, DitherIt!

Video: Kdenlive

Music/Audio: MilkyTracker, AdlibTracker2, SunVox, Audacity, SoundGrain, GSpeak

Browser: Firefox w/ Vimium, qutebrowser

Text Editor: Neovim

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